Päijänne House



Päijänne House

You can find an information point from Päijänne House near the canal area, Meijeritie 1, 17200 Vääksy.

The house is open from the beginning of June to the end of august. Tel.+358 44 7780680, +358 44 7780 701. During other times You  find  information from town hall, Rusthollintie 2, 17200 Vääksy

There is also a Museum of Finnish Recreational Fishing and summer exhibitions in Päijänne House.

The most extensive leisure fishing museum in Finland; The story of Rapala from a poor cottage to world fame.
Why is Marilyn Monroe said to be Asikkala´s  “godmother”?

  • Päijänne – The most important lake in Finland – Päijänne tunnel – bringing raw water to the Southiest Finland for app. 1,5 milloin people.
  • Temporary exhibitions chancing yearly.
  • Versatile shop with a selection of fishing equipment and souvenirs.
  • Information point of Päijänne National Park; guided trips and hikes to Kelvenne island.
  • The handicraft workshops of the green House nearby.
  • Nature Trail near Vääksy River.