Pulkkilanharju Ridge

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Pulkkilanharju Ridge is 8 km long  line of islands formed during the last ice age app. 12000 years ago. Nowadays the islands are linked with three different bridges. Some lovely trails begin from Karisalmi bridge leading to the swamp of Nousio. Pulkkilanharju is a nationally important place to ornithologists to observe the migration of birds in the spring and autumn.
Pulkkilanharju is one of the most interesting targets to a visitor in Asikkala. There are also the Southiest areas of Päijänne National Park.
Lake Päijänne caresses its shores from every direction.
Following the road 314 You will find Kalkkinen village and  Sysmä, the neighbor town . The most beautiful
scenery road (314) starts from Vääksy leading to Sysmä, Luhanka and Korpilahti (roads 612, 610.)
The pearl of the park in Padasjoki municipality is Kelvenne, which is an esker island like Pulkkilanharju.
Unfortunately it is difficult to approach (only by boat) .
Päijätsalo is part of the park. There is a bridge to Päijätsalo island, beautiful trails and enchanting views.