Päijänne National Park

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Clear and pure water of Päijänne

Päijänne National Park is situated in the area of three counties: Asikkala, Padasjoki and Sysmä.
It consists mainly of islands and is partly difficult to reach. The park was established in 1993.

Superb lake land scenery
Near the southern end on Finland´s second largest lake Päijänne, many beautiful islands with sandy esker ridges and rugged rocky shores are protected within the Päijänne National Park. The park covers about fifty uninhabited islands and islets, as well as undeveloped parts of islands, all set in the pristine waters on Lake Päijänne.

Varied islands rich in wildlife
Some of the national park´s islands consist of ancient bedrock almost two billion years old; but others are made of sandy esker deposits laid down in meltwater rivers at the end of the ice age just 10-12 000
years ago.
Many birds nest on the park´s smaller islands, including common terns, red-throated and black-throated divers, whooper swans, Slavonian grebes, red-throated mergansers and goosanders, as well the lesser black-backed gull, which features in the park´s emblem. Birds of prey including hobby falcons and ospreys nest on larger islands.

How to get to Päijänne National Park
The nearest boating harbours are at Padasjoki and at Asikkala, both by the Highway 24 and in Sysmä at Suopelto.
To reach Pulkkilanharju ridge by car;  take Highway 314 between Asikkala and Sysmä. From Karisalmi bridge  parking there start the paths to swamp Nousio.
Further north, the car park at Päijätsalo can be reached along the side roar Sorolantie, which turs off Päijätsalontie. The island of Virmaila can be reached along Kellosalmentie.
During July the cruise boat  regularly calls at Kelvenne and other islands in the national park while sailing between Padasjoki, Vääksy and Sysmä.