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Asikkala is in the heart of the lake district in Southern Finland. There are many different kinds of
accommodation in the area. There are tiny sauna cottages and luxurious villas. Most of the cottages are near the drinkable clear Päijänne.
Just in case You have not been in Sauna, do it now.  Sauna and swimming are the most popular hobbies in Finland!


Gasthouse Apteekinmajoitus


Lehmonkärki Holiday Center

Pätiälä Cottages

Niemimäki Accommodation

Hoimela Accommodation

Pulkkilanharju Villas

Marttila farm

Antti´s partyhouse

Cottage Lavianmutka

Sipilä Cottages

Iso-Naappila Holiday

Salonsaari Holiday village

General cottage (p. 050 512 0046)

Ojala farm (p. 040 532 4725)